Jimmy comes from the land of Magicidoo.  Which is quite a lot further than Timbuktoo!  You have to sail the rainbow and stop at the top, take the first left and get ready to drop. You’ll fall with great ease and whenever you please, pull on the brakes and you’ll stop with a pop. Take a left at the post office, a right at Miss Shimmy’s go straight ahead and you’ll be at Jimmy’s!!
Jimmy’s is the place with the fun and the games. All of the games with splendiferous names. When he comes to you town to play his Magic has to stay. So he’ll need your help if we’re going to play.
When it comes to your magic as grown-ups will know, The more you stretch skywards the more it will go. You're full of wonder and joy like any magical kid. Your magic supply is stuffed full to the lid. Your magic is just the thing that we need, to keep the Crazy times running at breakneck Speed!!
With Balloons and painting, a raccoon and a bear; With magic and gags, plus a parachute in the air.
Jimmy is here to bring cheer to your day and he won't just do it, but do it with flair.
If you’re lucky enough and you’re having a hoot, you may even meet the most maverlous creature; A mystical, magical, loveable brute; the Silly Zagoot with a Noot on his Boot!

Jimmy James, From  Magicidoo


    Jimmy is a master in the traditions of Magicidoo, but needs your help! When he travels over the rainbow into the Earth-World he cannot bring his magic with him. As kids are the makers of Magic, they can help him make magic happen!!
    Silly, Nonsensicle, absurd and ridiculous. All the things you expect from a Magicidooen. If you notice he's blase, nonchalant or mundane. QUICK! take his temperature, he must be going sane!
    The power of imagination is a magnificent thing. Just think of all the wonder ir brings. As Jimmy is just a big kid after all, It's no wonder the imagine factory is standing tall!
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